Diane Tegtmeier
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Aquatic Energy Healing

Discover what can happen as you are held in the liquid light of an evolving universe. 

"The session was life changing!"

"I never felt serenity like that before"

"I've been holding that memory since VietNam—and now it's gone!"

What is Aquatic Energy Healing?

Aquatic Energy Healing (AEH) helps you relax, reduce pain and heal trauma and chronic illness. As I hold and move your body rhythmically through body-temperature water, constrictions in body, heart and soul can surrender to the water's flow for deep and transformative healing. Movement and stretching facilitate release of tension and pain, while I bring my attention to what's happening in the subtle energy field in and around your body. Blockages in the energy field are met with compassion and gentle touch. My hands and presence connect you to the high frequencies of light and information now coming to the planet for healing. In the safe and nurturing environment of AEH, you may find your consciousness expanding to places you've never experienced before.  


Aquatic Energy Work flows from the confluence of the developmental streams of Watsu®, Waterdance, Healing Dance and the many approaches to energy healing. Each of these modalities has their own history, and Aquatic Energy Healing is indebted to the developers of all those modalities whose wisdom and dedication to creativity and form provide the notes to the music we co-create in the water. 

What Happens During an Aquatic Energy Work Session?


I begin by asking you about your intentions for the session and what particular issues you want to address. I then invite you to lie back in the water while I support your body and follow the rhythm of your breath in gentle movement. I work with the healing frequencies of energy and light through heart presence, touch and movement.

  The response to Aquatic Energy Healing is as varied as those who receive it. I follow what is moving (or not) in your body, rather than executing any particular sequence of movement. You can enter a deep state of relaxation from which spontaneous movement could arise, which I follow and facilitate. You may enter expanded states of consciousness in which you remember places of safety, intimacy, or possibly trauma. Your body could unwind as energetic constrictions find their way out. I may help your body stretch its way into release or just hold parts of your body between my hands as what's held there comes into your awareness and releases.  I also may move my hands around and away from your body to connect you to healing frequencies of light and information. 

The movement can take your whole body underwater, if we find it comfortable to do so. In underwater work, I prepare you for the process, follow your breath and offer you nose clips at the appropriate time during the session. 


As the session comes to a close, I gently place you against the wall of the pool. Taking time in the pool after the session to center and ground will help you achieve the maximum benefit from wherever the aquatic energy journey has taken you. Changes can continue to manifest in your body, mind and spirit for hours, days and even months following a treatment. The effects can last a lifetime.

What Conditions are Improved by Aquatic Energy Healing? 

Because AEH enhances the flow of life force within and around you, helps restore balance in your overall system and increases your awareness of what's contributing to your symptoms, most conditions benefit from this approach. People healing with cancer, fibromyalgia and other chronic illnesses have found Aquatic Energy Work to be a gentle, yet powerful adjunct to other treatments. People with stress-related symptoms, those in life transitions and those recovering from trauma benefit from the increased awareness, release and transformation that AEW facilitates. 

I acknowledge that many factors and relationships influence the healing process. Therefore, I understand that AEH does not take the place of medical advice or practice and will cooperate with other practitioners on your health care team. 

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