Diane Tegtmeier
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Healing Light

I welcome you to these pages to learn how we can work together for your healing and learning. Here you'll discover an integrative approach to healing trauma, chronic illness and challenging life transitions that supports your growing awareness of your interconnection with all life.

In addition to individual therapy, I offer books, articles, and workshops to students and practitioners of the integral healing arts. These resources help you form co-creative healing partnerships in which you can foster deep healing with those who come to you for help.

Individual Healing Sessions

I bring extensive training and experience in social work, subtle energy healing and aquatic bodywork to meet you where you hurt and take you to a new level of healing and being. We co-create sessions which blend therapeutic dialogue, touch, movement and energy practices to bring symptom relief and restore balance to your system. Our work can help you grow in your awareness of what supports your health and well-being while we clear and transform what blocks the healing process. Sessions can take place in a pool of warm water, in a treatment room by telephone or videoconference. More...

"Integral healing has found an innovative thinker in Diane Tegtmeier. Relationships That Heal is a MUST READ for anyone who practices healing in today's world."

My book, Relationships that Heal: Skillfull Practice within Nature's Web, brings professional ethics down to earth with a new, natural model that embraces the science, heart and spirit of today's integrative health practices. I demonstrate how to respond with compassion and skill as you encounter issues of sexuality, power, money, dual relationships and more in your practice. This book invites you to consciously enter nature's web, where healing relationships become co-creative sacred partnerships in the evolutionary dance of life. More...

Healer Training

I offer a variety of classes, workshops and mentoring opportunities to help both students and experienced practitioners of the integral healing arts explore the healing process and the relationships that support it. These include a new, natural approach to professional ethics; aquatic energy healing; healing trauma and Basic Watsu. I can organize the subject matter of these courses to fit the training needs of schools of the healing arts and your students.

I look forward to serving you as we step more consciously
into the evolving web of life for healing. Check this website often as I add new pages of information for your healing and learning. 

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