Diane Tegtmeier
Your Partner in Healing and Learning

Co-Creative Healing Sessions


The lovely town of Ashland, OR, welcomed my partner Jim Gilkeson and I a year after a wildfire destroyed our beloved Harbin Hot Springs where we practiced and taught for 15 years. Now, daily walks in Lithia Park inspire my healing practice, writing and teaching. I offer energy & light healing sessions in my home, and as a member of the Sacred Waters Collective, I am able to continue offering Aquatic Energy Healing in a private pool. 
Please email me to schedule an appointment for table and aquatic sessions. 


Distant Healing Sessions

Distance is no obstacle for healing light. In fact, coupled with therapeutic dialogue, many of my healing partners have experienced profound healing over the phone or on Skype or Zoom calls. So please email me from where you are and we'll make an appointment for a session. 

 Workshops and Classes

I'm available to co-create classes and workshops that meet the needs of your setting and participants with the following general topics:
  • The Therapeutic Relationship: Pitfalls & Potential
  • Trauma Healing
  • Aquatic Bodywork for Couples and Families
  • Evolve in Relationship (this course applies to all human relationships, not just healing ones)
  • Evolutionary Sexuality
  • Healing Circles for Personal and Planetary Transformation
  • Retreats focused on conscious evolution
Please email me to organize a workshop that fits your particular group's learning and healing needs. 


AquaPresence for Trauma


The experience of being compassionately held and moved in the safe, nurturing environment of warm water often naturally brings traumatic experience into awareness.  Those healing from trauma are increasingly finding their way into the water for their healing. In this 5-day workshop you will be introduced to the principles and practice of supporting another through healing from trauma. Join us on this co-creative journey for Peace.

This training can be arranged to meet the needs of host organizations and the skill level of students. Please email me to arrange a meeting to co-create a workshop or class designed for your organization.