Diane Tegtmeier
Your Partner in Healing and Learning
Distant Healing

The healing power of energy, light and information are not limited to physical proximity. My healing partners and I have discovered that by working together on the phone or videoconference, they can achieve major shifts in their healing process, sometimes even more powerfully than when working in person. 

In distance healing sessions, we partner to bring what's active in your healing process into greater awareness and facilitate transformation. Through intuitive sight, therapeutic dialogue and an ability to work with the healing frequencies of light and information, I facilitate your healing on many levels. 


What happens in a distant healing session?


It depends on what you're needing at the time. If we've worked together before, you may want to follow-up on what happened during your in-person sessions. Whether the session is on the phone or via videoconference, we usually begin with you telling me what's active in your healing process. As you share, your energy field usually begins to send impressions of what's currently ready to shift. At that time, we can work together with inner sensing and our respective impressions to co-creatively shift the energy toward healing. This can also include work with sound, image and color.
At some point in the session, we may disconnect our phone or computer link, while you comfortably lie down and I work to track and attend to the healing light frequencies you are drawing to yourself. After 20-30 minutes, we talk again in order for you to give me your feedback on the experience of the healing session.

Benefits of Distant Healing

Distant healing is more than convenient. It enables you to build your trust in the power of energy and light healing and its non-local effectiveness. Through these sessions you can learn to foster your own healing through increased awareness of what's happening in your body and learning to work more consciously with it. 
For more information about how distant healing can help you, please email me.