Diane Tegtmeier
Your Partner in Healing and Learning
Earthlight Healing Circles

The Earth is being showered with evolutionary light and information. In Earthlight Healing Circles, we consciously receive it.  Each circle is dedicated to personal and planetary healing as we come together to support each other and link with guidance and light during this time of intense shifts in our individual and global lives. Circle members experience a deeper sense of being co-creative partners in the accelerated evolutionary process that these shifts portend.

Circles meet by teleconference twice monthly for about 90 minutes. Each member of the circle brings what's in the foreground in his or her healing process, whether for themselves, a loved one or a place on Earth. I then lead us in a healing meditation, the form of which arises from what we bring together on that day. During the meditation, I am able to connect with light structures, images, sound and information that touch both the individual and group energy field for healing and inspiration. Each meditation is different because we attract different frequencies, patterns of light and information depending on the resonance of what we present and are ready to receive. 

A group energy field grows within these Circles that members draw upon between calls when they need support, especially when going through personal or family emergencies. We stay connected via email and through the heart space of the Circle. I am available to Circle members for brief private consultations.

Earthlight Healing Circles are an integral part of the growth in evolutionary consciousness occurring through many networks around the world. We are often told in our Circles that, "We are not alone," that we are connected to circles all over the world who resonate with each other and the evolutionary impulse to co-create new pathways to peace and harmony on Earth.

Join this evolutionary dance in an Earthlight Healing Circle.

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