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Thrive in Relationship


Thrive in Relationship

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"All that comes into being
is evoked, is called forth 
  by relationship, interactivity, co-creativity."

~ Tom Atlee

Peace in our homes, our workplace and communities depends on the kind of relationships we co-create. Yet, do the same issues keep showing up in your relationships? Are the boundaries you set falling apart? Is the family dinner table a battleground? Having a hard time with your boss or co-workers? Are political arguments driving you crazy? Click here to find out how:

Nature comes to your rescue! 

With one complete lesson arriving in your inbox each week for 8 weeks, this course gives you a way of being in relationships that has been proven effective for billions of years. You will learn and practice a model that is at work all around you—in rivers, prairies, oceans, forests— all living systems! The six principles of this model are guiding every cell in your body right now.  Let it guide you into co-creative relationships with your lover, family, friends and colleagues—with all life. The course includes instruction, guided meditations and practice exercises. 

With Nature's Model you will:

  • Grow beyond boundaries for life-enhancing relationships
  • Learn the six principles by which nature manages relationships
  • Honor & support the body, thoughts, feelings and spirit of yourself and others
  • Consciously express what's important to you
  • Grow from your wounds & mistakes
  • Evolve more fully into your unique self
  • Grow in awareness of the field of relationship you share with others
  • Develop your connection to your Center, from which right action flows
  • Foster a sense of belonging to a wondrous, living Whole
  • Co-create relationships that evolve with all of life

I invite you to consciously enter nature's web, where human relationships become co-creative sacred partnerships in the evolutionary dance of life!

Click here now to get started!