Diane Tegtmeier
Your Partner in Healing and Learning

Diane Tegtmeier, MSW, Healing Ministry

I was always fascinated by nature and relationship systems—atoms, cells, organisms and, of course, families and culture. My career began with biochemistry research and environmental activism while parenting my two children. The ecological perspective of social work attracted me to graduate school for more study. While practicing hospital social work, I trained in energy healing, which expanded my systems understanding to a whole new dimension. I gradually integrated talk and touch therapy in a private practice. 

The evolutionary impulse kept at me, however. When I experienced aquatic bodywork (Watsu®, Healing Dance and Waterdance), I knew I had found the work of my heart. Holding people in warm water while applying all I'd learned about energy and the healing relationship allowed me to foster healing in even more effective ways. While practicing this integrative healing art and living at Harbin Hot Springs since 2000, I also became an ordained minister in the Hearth Consciousness Church. Following training Reconnective Healing®, the spectrum and power of energy/light healing extended beyond what I've known before. I now see my work as a ministry of healing light. 

I'm deeply grateful for the opportunity to bring my knowledge and personal and spiritual development into my practice, teaching and writing. As a grandmother of four, my dedication to fostering personal and planetary healing is greater than ever. These precious children gave me the creative spark to write Relationships that Heal and continue to inspire me to continue to kick-up my heels in the evolutionary dance of life.