Diane Tegtmeier
Your Partner in Healing and Learning
Meet the Cell Membrane

From Ch. 2 "Meet the Cell Membrane" 

Imagine yourself at the beginning of your life when you were a single cell. By expanding and contracting in cellular breathing you received nutrients through the membrane that held you together. You were protected and nurtured by a community of cells whose membranes interacted with yours as you were swept along on your way to the safe space that would be your home for nearly nine months. By the time you implanted in your mother's womb, you had divided into two, then four, then many cells. As your cells divided, the membrane surrounding each one managed the new relationships being formed among these cells and all those that surrounded them. Your cells differentiated into various forms and functions through the collaboration of the membrane with the DNA blueprint in the center of each cell to finally become the complex, highly conscious being you are. You are still imbedded in a community of life whose relationships are managed by cell membranes.


Your healing relationships can evolve just as you have evolved—with the cell membrane guiding the way. With the cell membrane as a model, your healing relationships can become the safe space in which you and your healing partners differentiate and heal in the growing awareness of your interconnection with all life.


The cell membrane principles in Relationships that Heal can help you:



  • Recognize and honor the personal and emotional space of your healing partners as you align yourself with all living systems as distinct, yet interconnected life forms in a living web.
  • Make conscious choices about what you offer and receive from your clients through interspace, the relationship field that allows you to interact in clear, yet ever-changing and adaptive ways.
  • Respond to a differentiating force that powers your learning and development as you work within your scope of practice.
  • Find your Center, when faced with a challenging situation with your clients. Each situation demands its own resolution, often in ways that help both you and your clients come to different ways of trusting and understanding.
  • Foster integrity in the healing relationship in the awareness that we're all One.



I invite you to join me on this new kind of inquiry into professional ethics. If through this inquiry you become a more healing presence for those who come to you for help, it's likely that you and your healing partners can achieve co-creative healing outcomes in the evolutionary dance of all life.

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