Diane Tegtmeier
Your Partner in Healing and Learning

"Where are the boundaries between the river and the sea, where gulls gather to feast upon the richness at the interface? When water and sand meet, each changes the other, moment by moment by moment."

So begins the journey into what it takes to be a healing presence for someone with a wounded body, heart or spirit. The journey is an evolutionary one, a more conscious step into nature's web to discover how the cell membrane of all living systems can serve as a model for your integral health practice.

Relationships that Heal: Skillful  Practice within Nature's Web brings professional ethics down to earth with a new model that embraces the science, heart and spirit of today's integrative health practices.

"Integral healing has found an innovative thinker in Diane Tegtmeier.
Relationships That Heal is a MUST READ for anyone who practices healing in today's world."

              — Peter Amato, CEO, Inner Harmony Group

Stories from my own practice illustrate how nature's relationship principles guide me as I face challenging situations around issues of sexuality, power, money, safety and dual relationships. Chapters on each of these subjects provide guidelines to help you respond more skillfully to those you help. Relationships that Heal will take your healing relationships toward co-creative sacred partnerships in the evolutionary dance of life.

"Relationship is the crucible of humanity's evolution to the heart chakra.  Through personal stories, here is a manual that shows how to navigate the many dynamics of therapeutic relationships and maximize the healing power of love."
— Anodea Judith, Waking the Global Heart

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